Pregnancy Acupuncture LONDON

Pregnancy acupuncture London and maternity reflexology safely supports all stages of pregnancy.

When certain medicines are discouraged during pregnancy, acupuncture offers a natural alternative.

The London Acupuncture Space was founded by Charlotte Steed, a leading London pregnancy acupuncturist, maternity reflexologist and women’s health expert.

With a former career in banking and financial services, after studying a a BA (Hons) Degree in Business Studies, Charlotte changed her career and has never looked back.

Initially qualifying as a reflexologist, and attaining a Practitioner Diploma in Reflexology, she quickly gained a reputation for helping women on their fertility journey and during pregnancy.

Charlotte acquired a wealth of fertility knowledge, reading scientific journals, medical books and research papers. This ignited her passion further to support clients wanting a family.

Charlotte completed a BSc (Hons) Degree in Acupuncture which integrated Western Medicine; anatomy, physiology, and pathology with Traditional Chinese medicine.

Her dissertation was about the role of acupuncture in the treatment of endometriosis associated with infertility.

As many of her clients are open to make lifestyle changes associated with their fertility goals, Charlotte completed a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, recognised by BANT, a  foundation course to a Masters Degree in Clinical Nutrition.

Charlotte’s passion for learning is an on-going personal commitment. She believes an integrated approach to healthcare encompassing Western medicine and  alternative medicine is paramount.

Her openness to the mind-body-spiritual experience, education and vast knowledge enhances her ability to achieve positive results, and impressive pregnancy success rates.

Why Choose Us?


25 years pregnancy acupuncture experience


Specialism in pregnancy, and paediatrics


Zita West trained & at Royal College of Physicians


Birth-centre, hospital and home births


Educational workshops for midwives, and obstetricians


Member of Acupuncture Childbirth Team




Pre-natal acupuncture or maternity reflexology to stop smoking, promote relaxation, aid fertility naturally or in conjunction with fertility treatments, such as IVF and IUI. Recommended if there is a history of miscarriage or complexities with previous pregnancies.



Ante-natal acupuncture or maternity reflexology for morning sickness, muscular skeletal conditions, headaches, insomnia, ante-natal depression and anxiety, breech presentation, preparation for birth, and labour induction.



Post-natal acupuncture or maternity reflexology for hormonal balancing post birth, c-section recovery, breastfeeding and lactation, post-natal depression.

Our Pregnancy Experience

Having worked in private practice for over 25 years, and at the renowned Zita West Fertility Clinic in London led to an in-depth knowledge of pregnancy, the miracle of life, and love for new born babies, and children.

As part of a medical team comprising of Zita West, a consultant midwife, Dr Raj Rai, a leading miscarriage specialist, and a team of health professionals, we supported expectant mothers, and celebrity clients from all over the world.

Many clients have a personal story to share whether it be about their fertility journey, birth stories or history of previous pregnancies. What our clinics offer is professionalism, a safe haven, empathy and understanding. We personalise every consultation, every treatment. We want you to have a gentle, and relaxing experience.

We have attended home births, and supported women during active labour and birth in hospitals, working closely with Doula’s, midwives and obstetricians. We have run educational acupuncture workshops in midwifery-led birth units, and hospitals covering acupressure techniques during pregnancy and birth.


Happy Clients

I approached Charlotte as some of my NCT friends had seen her for support during their pregnancies.  I was experiencing terrible sickness and vomiting and had no energy to do anything.

After three sessions of acupuncture, my nausea subsided and I could return to work. Charlotte’s Blackheath Clinic is beautiful, so calm and peaceful. Her treatments were amazing and I felt so much better each time. Totally recommend Charlotte for support during pregnancy.

Charlotte Cummings


“Charlotte was recommended to me by my midwife and DOULA for help with natural labour induction.  It was a low risk pregnancy but the idea of a medical induction made me anxious and I wished to avoid this at all costs.

I was 8 days over due and after only one session of acupuncture, labour commenced during the night. I birthed my baby daughter naturally at home in a birthing pool.

Thank you Charlotte for your professionalism, gentleness and positivity, my dream of a home both came true”

Emma Clarke


“I came to see Charlotte for the pre-birth acupuncture programme at the suggestion of my independent midwife.

I had heard that it was a supportive and safe therapy in the latter stages to prepare for child birth. I really enjoyed these four acupuncture sessions from week 36.

I felt very relaxed and Charlotte is lovely and highly experienced. With a two year old at home, it was important to have some time to focus on my and my baby. My son was born naturally a few days before my due date. The pregnancy was quick and unlike my first child, I did not require medical intervention. I really recommend the pre birth acupuncture to any pregnant women, I think it really made a difference.”


Robin Mason

Sevenoaks, Kent


Does acupuncture reduce risk of miscarriage?

Within fertility research, acupuncture demonstrates beneficial hormonal responses with decreased miscarriage rates, raising the possibility acupuncture may promote specific beneficial effects in early pregnancy. Pregnancy acupuncture is recommended weekly during the first trimester.

Does acupuncture help with morning sickness?

An Australian study of women in early pregnancy found those who received acupuncture treatments for four weeks experienced less nausea and dry retching than women who didn’t receive acupuncture treatments[1].

[1] Smith C, Crowther C, Beilby  J. Acupuncture to treat nausea and vomitting in ealry pregnancy: a randomised controlled trial, Birth, 2002 Mar;29(1):1-9.

Is acupuncture safe during pregnancy?

Yes, acupuncture is a safe therapy for all stages of pregnancy. The Acupuncture Space specialise in pregnancy acupuncture, and are trained to know which acupuncture points are helpful during pregnancy and which points should be avoided. There are 6 bilateral points on the hands and shoulders, and around the lower leg, ankle, and low back that are contraindicated during most of pregnancy. 

My baby is breech, what can I do?

Acupuncture and Moxibustion, is recommended for breech presentation. Research studies highlight success rates in excess of 84% after 34 weeks. A moxa stick is used on a daily basis at home to turn the baby into a head down position. 

How effective is acupuncture for labour induction?

According to one study, 70% of the women who received acupuncture went into labor on their own, compared to 50% who received standard care. The women who received acupuncture were also less likely to deliver by cesarean section — 39% compared to 17%.  Both acupuncture and acupressure help soften and dilate the cervix with onset of labour contractions.


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