Breast cancer it’s a scary thought and all too many women assume that it won’t happen to them. Fact is though, every ten minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. So, don’t be ignorant, during breast cancer awareness month 2022 go for a medical checkup, it might save your life.

Early signs of breast cancer can be a lump in a breast, a painful breast or armpit, or a discharge from the nipple. Even if none of these symptoms present themselves, a doctor should be visited to be sure. A doctor will most likely perform a manual exam and send you for a mammogram. A mammogram examination is painless and only takes about ten minutes.

The medical profession state that if any of these symptoms do present themselves there’s no need to panic. Plenty of time, pain or a lump in a breast can be perfectly harmless. The pain can be a sign of a cyst or the lump can be benign. It’s always better to be sure though.

If the mammogram shows a lump, your doctor will order a biopsy. This test will show if the lump is benign (harmless) or malignant (cancerous). 

So how can acupuncture help? 


Firstly, acupuncture helps to promote general health and well being so whether you want to optimise your health naturally as a preventative measure or support any breast cancer treatment planned or underway. 

We all seem to know someone that has been affected by breast cancer, a friend, sister, mother or aunt. It could be you. Acupuncture has the advantage of be being safe, natural and accessible. It originated thousands of years ago in China, it aims to balance an imbalance. 

Acupuncture can help;

+ minimise side affects of radiation therapy, and/or chemotherapy, whether there is nausea, fatigue, dryness of the mouth, sleep disturbance, anxiety, depression etc. 

+ to aid recovery from surgery, and reduce inflammation and swelling. 

+ offers a gentle treatment to support you safely in a calm, nurturing, non judgemental environment. The London Acupuncture Space is run by Charlotte Steed, an experienced acupuncturist, and Member of the British Acupuncture Council. With over 20 year of clinical experience, Charlotte offers kindness and professional care in a beautiful clinic setting. 

Please email info@acupuncturespace.com for bookings and enquiries. We can support you in Blackheath, Canary Wharf and Wimpole Street, London.