Reflexology in Pregnancy

Reflexology in Pregnancy Programme:

The London Acupuncture Space has been promoting the use of reflexology in pregnancy since 2000. Maternity reflexology is a safe, natural therapy that offers support with:

With a high figure of infertility being unexplained, alternative medicine has a big role in helping to improve fertility. Where the non-physical causes of infertility can lie with stress and worry, reflexology encourages deep relaxation, which can help alleviate stress and tension, both physically and emotionally.

Pregnancy: second and third trimester (week 13-40)
Reflexology from week 13 onwards helps to prepare the women for childbirth and can support many of the symptoms associated with pregnancy.

The Stages of Pregnancy

Post-natal period:
Once a baby has arrived, parentsí lives may be thrown into unusual routines, lack of sleep, feeding times and general exhaustion. Reflexology helps to re-balance energy and hormones, aid relaxation and provide emotional support.